Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Things that Annoy Giff

Sometimes I hate these things...

25. People who wear Affliction shirts.

24. People who like people who wear Affliction shirts.

23. Bills. I can't pay them so stop calling me. Wrong number.

22. Lottery tickets that aren't winners.

21. Girls who only have three fingers.

20. People who only drink Starbucks coffee.

19. Milfs with morals.

18. Commercials for Extendz. I got the message.

17. Red lights when I'm late to work. Green lights when I'm trying to eat a hot pocket.

16. Karate Kid sequels. There is only one Danny Larusso

15. Ex-Girlfriends. Yeah, I was an abusive drunk asshole, but guess what, now I can watch porno whenever I want.

14. People with perfect teeth. Isn't it time yellow, crooked teeth were in?

13. Fat rolls and tight holter tops.

12. Big trucks and insecure guys.

11. Girls with a strong tolerance to roofies.

10. Fanny packs.

9. Little people. Not midgets. Little people.

8. Ugly babies.

7. Whitey tightys with pee stains.

6. My back account with .27 cents.

5. White Crayons.

4. Homeowners.

3. Carrie Underwood getting engaged.

2. Cracks in the sidewalk.

1. Manicans that don't have heads.

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