Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What happened to the 80's?

Is it just me or were all the really good movies made three decades ago? I can't remember the last time I sat down and watched a movie recently and gave a shit what happened. Below I have listed the top ten movies of the eighties. You may disagree but you'll be wrong.

10. Ghostbusters

9. The Princess Bride

8. Back to the Future

7. Lethal Weapon

6. Top Gun

5. Ferris Bueller's Day Off

4. The Goonies

3. Caddy Shack

2. The Karate Kid

1. The Lost Boys

Thursday, March 3, 2011

It's called Charlie Sheen!

There are few things that I enjoy more in life than to watch celebrities self destruct. Need I remind my viewers of the Hasselhoff video. You know the one where the "Hoff" is squirming on the ground like a wounded sea lion. How about the time Lindsey Hohan got kicked out of rehab for the infinite time. Anyways, who gives a shit about those people, the man of the hour is Charlie Sheen. I have to admit, my opinion of Mr. Sheen has always been apathetic at best. Yeah, he's a bad boy. Yeah, he likes to indulge in the occasional he-she. But who doesn't right? For years there has always been something about Charlie that was so cliched. However, after watching last weeks 20/20 interview featuring his latest life issues, I have to admit that this guy is a total bad ass. The first thing I notice when watching the interview is that Charlie has not one but two girlfriends with him. One just happens to be a porn star, the other well, she probably has daddy issues as well. Moving along. Next, apparently he has walked away from a 1.8 million dollar an episode salary because why? He's pissed off at his bosses. What the f--- could your boss do to you after paying you 1.8 million to make you walk away from your job. For that much money he could take me to the Nevermind Ranch and make me play with his monkeys and drink Jesus juice. For 1.8 million my boss could dress me up like Clay Aiken and make me wash his butthole with my tongue. Last but not least, I love the way he claims he's not on drugs. That's like saying Kim Kardasian's not on black d---, or Lance Bass isn't on some random guys balls. Charlie listen up. You can have two slutty girlfriends because I believe it. You're not the first rich guy to buy a blow job. You are arrogant and that's cool because to a large extent you deserve the fame and fortune you've been blessed with. But for the love of everything holy, when a reporter asks you if you are drugs and you say, wait for it..."I'm on a drug! It's called Charlie Sheen," I screamed bullshit at the TV. C'mon Charlie. Giff don't play that.