Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Secret Society is Born

For those of you already in the 39er's, greetings once more. For the rest of the world, get ready to indulge in a lifestyle that only few straight men dare to live. From the middle-aged has-beens that bleed 3's and 9's, to the countless women who wonder where our next game will be, this page is for you. You want to be a 39er? Think again. Easy Times Whiskey, Black and Mild, Milds, and only the finest convenient store wines are what we are about. Have a gambling problem? Prove it. I know a 39er who has 13 glory holes smoking three nights a week to support his habit. Another 39er just left his wife...his WIFE! Another 39er who refuses to keep a job, sleeps in until the wee hours of the afternoon only to be awaken to play cards. However, one 39er lets his girlfriend keep his balls in a man purse and plays only when it's "healthy" for they're relationship. To her I say F you crazy bitch. You see, being a 39er is not about responsibilities or even obeying the law, it's about chances. It's about the love of not only a card game but the love of a new life. To all my 39er brothers past and present, this one's for you.

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